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Context menu crashing windows explorer windows

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I am running Windows xp. I use mbam as an adjunct to other programs -- for active protection I only use a tough firewall in addition to pro-active defense (stops unknown programs and changes at the outset), and have a clean computer, but nonetheless run programs like mbam/mbar and hitman on occasion to double-check.


I hadn't updated my mbam definitions for awhile. I went to do so today, and it actually downloaded and reinstalled the program in a different default directory (i.e., malwarebytes' is out and malwarebytes is the new convention).


I then went to run a scan on a folder but the "scab with malwarebytes" option was gone from the right-click context menu.


I went into the program settings and "explorer context menu entry" was checked "yes." I then checked it to "no," closed the program, restarted it, then checked it back to "yes." Afterward, if I so much as right click on a file or folder, I get an error message along the lines of "the instruction at ###### the memory could not be read," and the entire explorer window containing the file or folder closes. Going back into mbam program and checking the context menu back to "no" allows me to right-click without shutting down the window.


(BTW, I have 2 GB memory and task manager shows plenty free, if that matters to any troubleshooter.)


From my perspective this seems like a massive problem. As of right now, I am considering uninstalling and relying on a different program for proper overall scanning functionality. Please let me know if there's a solution.


PS, I ran cursory searches about this problem and didn't see any obvious postings that already addressed this; if there's a previous posting out there I don't have a lot of spare time to run it down. If I missed a "sticky" my apologies, but I looked over the top posts in the forum and didn't notice one.



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Thanks, but sounds like a lot of aggravation and fuss for me before we even get started.


Maybe you can just treat my post as a "bug report" -- I had used this sofware for many years with little trouble, but upon installing this most recent update/overhaul I suddenly cannot get right-click context-menu functionality.


Of course, if mine is a unique instance I suppose you'll just write it off as an anomaly.


Thanks anyway.

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