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Amusing Spam Email


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Over at https://mobile.techhelplist.com/index.php/spam-list/629-i-ll-wait-for-you-virus, the "I'll Wait For You" spam email with attached malware has some pretty funny translation errors. Here is a copy of the email:


Subject: I'll wait for you!

HiHow is your mood? How are you?I first get acquainted through the Internet and this is very much worried, my name GalinaI am looking for a man to love. I want to find a man with whom I will be able to create a relationship.I am 35 years old. I have my own business of selling real estate.I secured a girl and do not need the money.It so happened that my business took a very long time and I just have not had time to build his personal life.But now I decided to correct this big mistake. I'm sure that you want to know from where I learned about you.I signed up on a dating site to which she saw your pictures and Email.Tell you the truth I like you very much liked. I was looking for just such a man as you.That's why I decided on this folly. <----[Council of Elrond, taking the Ring to Mordor :]I would like that to our acquaintance with you was not like a platitude.And that's why I recorded a video for you. In this video I talk about myself and tell you my phone number.I will be pleased if you are viewing this video, and I hope you can send me an SMS or make a call.I'm not a little girl that needs writing. I want to talk to you over the phone.I'm asking you to download and watch videos.I set a password for that would not who but you could not see this video.Password video lovemail <----[Malware Passworded]I hope that you fulfill my request. I beg you do not answer my email.  I'll wait for a call from you mobile phone. bye   my video.rar (136) <---[Attached File]
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Sex is still one of the *BEST* ploys for Social Engineering.


It is phunny when it is created in one language and then translated to another language to exploit another "market" ( so to speak ).  The best part about it is that is a Red Flag.  The second is the unintended humour. ( if you aren't the gullible type and use Critical Thought )

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oh baby , oh baby oh !

quick ... which buttons do i push ?

here's the keys to my car ...

you want the numbers to my bank accounts ... no problem !


duct tape me ...

whip me ...

beat me ...

make me write bad checks ...

(no ... wait ... that's something else entirely ... disregard)


yeeeaaahhh ... riiight .

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