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How come Malwarebytes missed these

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I just swapped to a new laptop after a bad Microsoft update stopped my three year old Lenovo from booting. The new one has (of course) Windows 8.1 - the old one Windows 7.


I re-installed Malwarebytes Premium which was working alongside McAfee that was pre-installed on the new Lenovo.


After a couple of downloads I started getting a pile of unwanted ads. Both McAfee and Mwb were running in live scan mode so one or the other should have caught the incoming unwanted apps. I ran a manual scan using Mwb which found a few undesirable files an quarantined them. I rebooted after the cleanup but still continued to get unwanted ads when viewing some sites especially one client one based on Bootstrap.


As the ads were a total pain in desperation reran (several times) Mwb and McAfee scans which both told me there was nothing that needed any attention. Still the ads continued. Finally I dowloaded and ran a scan with Hitmanpro which easily found a over a hundred files, executables and registry entries which it removed.


How come Malwarebytes missed these ? On the old computer nothing hardly ever got past Mwb's live scan and a manual scan would always find and clear out the marginal PUP stuff. Very disappointing as I'd always regarded Mwb as being the best product around for dealing with Malware. McAfee's failure was no big surprise.


BTW the database was fully up to date. See attached log of whaHitmanPro_20141007_1621.logt Hitman found

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