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Pokki UI - still a virus, or a legitimate app?

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Since 2012 when it was released, there's been a stark debate in the community towards the Pokki UI, created to improve the Windows Start Menu (particularly for Windows 8).  As far back as November last year, there have been people complaining the program sometimes mimics the characterists of a virus or malware than it does a UI theme, but every anti-virus program has a difference of opinion in this regard.


I was wondering if MalwareBytes would be willing to evaluate this program to determine which it is - I've attached the most recent version to this thread.

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Hello and welcome back:


It doesn't look as if your attachment made it.


In any event, this isn't the correct section of the forum for such an evaluation.


If you think the file might be malicious, then I suggest the following, please:

1. Read the posting instructions for the Malware Research Center here and here

2. Post the requested information (zipped & password-protected file, virustotal links, etc) here


If, as you mentioned, this is an old file, then it's unlikely MBAM will target it now, as MBAM specializes in zero-hour and zero-day threats under 3 months old.

But you may certainly submit to the Research Team, to see what they say.



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Just an FYI for those looking in, this Register article that highlights new findings on the Lenovo Supefish fiasco points (in part) at this thread.


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