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Has Malwarebytes been hacked?


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I was quite puzzled today to receive an email message from Malwarebytes (info@malwarebytes.org) with the subject header  "What you need to know about Google malvertising."  To my surprise, the message seemed to have nothing to do with Google but was instead something reprinted from Malwarebytes April Newsletter was a "Q&A on the Heartbleed Bug."  I have no idea why Malwarebytes thought it necessary to send this old news now, six months after the April newsletter first appeared, and why the subject header of the message seemed to have nothing to do with the content.  I thus am a little suspicious that perhaps Malwarebytes didn't really send this.  Could a hacker/phisher have sent it?  The message included a lot of links which seemed to go to Malwarebytes, but I wasn't about to test one to see.  What's going on? 

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Thanks, pondus, for your response.  Yes, what you sent is the sort of thing I expected to see when I opened the Malwarebytes email.  Instead, I saw stuff from their April newsletter about Heartbleed.  That seemed so weird that I thought perhaps someone other than Malwarebytes was sending it, and that the links might turn out to be phishy.  I guess an alternative explanation might be that someone at Malwarebytes in charge of sending these email messages had a bit too much to drink last night. :unsure:  I sent the message just in case the message was indeed NOT sent by Malwarebytes, in which case Malwarebytes should be alerted to this.

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There must be something wrong with the newsletter cdn.


I, too, received yet another "April Newsletter" all about "Heartbleed" AGAIN yesterday.

Yes, the headers show that it was SENT and RECEIVED yesterday.


So, I continue to receive Newsletter emails from April, instead of the correct, current ones.

This was at least the 2nd time in as many months that this has happened.


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i got the most recent news letter and had nothing to do with aprils newsletter..   :)


True, true, and unrelated.

But, thanks.

I seriously doubt that the team needs to hear from the folks who aren't having problems.

That would create an unnecessary flood.


This thread is to report a problem, not the absence of one.



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I've reported it to the team but I wonder if it's somehow simply due to an email provider holding up the mail somehow along the path.


I suppose my provider could have a cached copy of the newsletter content?

But, seriously, it's been over 2 months; this seems a bit "much", as Dave mentioned.

And it's a popular webmail provider account (not my ISP), so it does seem unlikely?


Ennywho, there must not be very many folks affected, or we'd probably be hearing more about it from other users.


Perhaps the team can cancel my newsletter subscription and then I can resubscribe, to see if that fixes it?



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