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Google Chrome Youtube Adblock Ati Display driver crash & BsoD - AMD Drivers Crash while watching YouTube


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Google Chrome Youtube Adblock Ati Display driver crash & BsoD - AMD Drivers Crash while watching YouTube


I tried replying to this thread but it proved impossible. I have been having this exact same problem for a long time as have many other people.  




The only solution I have had is to use Internet Explorer. Using IE stops the problem entirely. 


This is an extremely difficult problem to solve and I am personally convinced that it has to do with Chrome,Flash, and Adblocker. I have gone through ALL other diagnostics and it is not local on my PC.  MY PC is lean, fast, clean, and well tuned by me as are many other people.  This has to e a security issue deep in the code of flash or adblack.


Equipment is relative in CPU and Video card.  Intel and in my case AMD Ratheon HD 7750 x2   mine is an Asus and its just fine.  I am not interested in spending hours doing diagnostics on my PC, that isn't the issue. I wanted to offer some insight so you don't waste your time and instead focus on the real problem area. The issue can be avoided by simply not using Chrome.  I believe it to be mired in Flash errors or maybe some security feature by Youtube against certain extensions like Adblocker - but that's a guess.


Everyone with the problem can reproduce it simply by Opening GOOGLE CHROME. NAVIGATE TO Youtube, PLAY A VIDEO, The first video ALWAYS works without issue, click on another video, and another, (dont need to watch complete video) , and Your monitor will FLASH or turn off, the driver error bubble pops up in the bottom right of Windows, the error message is always the same. At this point Flash starts malfunctioning and if you try to play another YOUTUBE video - Your system will CRASH with a BSOD.  Atisys file?  I don't have it written down but its the same for everyone.


I have run my MALBYTES SO MANY TIMES and spent so much time hunting but it finds nothing.  AMD says to contact Intel or to buy a Anti-virus software.  Some MessageBoards have stretched this issue to the bone and the MBs have narrowed it down to where I stated.


I'll be happy to provide info if needed.  IF you have a suggestion I would be thrilled as I have come to consider this a lost cause beyond anyone.  Maybe my info will jog a solution loose.  


Let me know if you want more info - you could just use the info attached to this posting as mine is relatively the same.



MB details and info.rtf

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If you think you have a similar problems as posted in;  AMD Drivers Crash while watching YouTube
Read it and supply the information that was requested there and perform the requested actions up to and including Post #21.
BTW:  I am glad you didn't post in ryankmartin's thread 'cause that is his thread.  Now you have your own.

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