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Can't launch Excel 2013 with MBAE

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Hi all,


I am having a problem with Office 2013 and Anti-Exploit.


I installed Anti-Exploit today but now I can not launch Excel or Word 2013, I am presented with a error message that states "an exploit has been blocked".


I uninstalled AE and I can now open the applications fine with no problems.


Any help on this would be great.



I have attached a log if this helps.


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Hi Orchid, welcome to the forum.


I see that you are using the corporate version that's managed by the Malwarebytes Management Console.


I will send you a PM on how to upgrade to the latest MBAE 1.04 corporate version and will move this thread to the "For Business" section of the support forum.

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Hello again,


Thank you for the quick replies & help. :)


You brought to my attention that we are in fact using a out of date version of MBAE -


I uninstalled the old version of MBAE from the client's PC and installed the latest version - however the the problem still persists.


This is the dialog box that is shown when trying to launch Word/Excel.




I have a suspicion that the issue could be a plug-in attempting to launch but then been blocked by MBAE.


Any suggestions?



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Hi Orchid, I notice that you may have some special display and/or accessibility settings. We had a similar issue with another user who also seemed to have custom display/accessibility settings.


Could you please return your display and accessibility settings to their default to see if the problem persists?

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you pbust.


I have attached screenshots of the add-ins currently being used with Word and Excel.


I will get you a capture with procmon of Excel opening and MBAE blocking it.


In regards to special display settings the user is using a Windows Surface Pro 2, I will check if any special display options have been set, if so I will set all back to default and retry.








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Thanks for the reply Orchid.


We are working on a fix for a very similar issue. As soon as we have a beta I will send it to you to verify the fix.


In the meantime if you can test if the default display settings make a difference that would help a lot.



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