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MBAM Has Stopped Working!..............

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............and until I get it up and running again, I need another programme to fill the gap. I have Avast Internet Security and the paid-for version of SAS and at the moment, the latter is used as a stand alone scanning tool. Can I use Avast and SAS to protect my computer until I get MBAM in working order again? At the momen, I cannot get MBAM to function.t

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Hello Trying50.


The issue that you see is cured by the version 2.0.3 of the program.

I would highly recommend that you install our Beta Version  just now made public.

BTW, I am running this Beta without issues.  And it will notify you when the next version is available.
With your consent, do what is listed below.  If you do not want the beta, then stop and let me know about that.

Remember to do this on the  EXE tools (below)..... you will need to do a right-click on the EXE program  and then select "Run as Administrator". Please remember that as you go along and use these tools, each in turn.

Please follow the steps below to do special steps for a  installation of the Anti-Malware program.

NOTE: **SAVE the downloads to your system first.**  
Do not "run" them while in the browser program.
When presented with the option to Run or Save, you must select Save.

1: Please do a Logoff >> Shutdown >> Restart so that Windows is in a new session.

2: Download and SAVE to your system the latest 2.0.3 version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from the link below:
....link removed ....

3: Now run the setup:
Do a Right-click on mbam-setup- and select Run as Administrator and allow to run.
Answer YES when prompted by User Account Control ( Windows ).


If your Windows is XP, simply just double click on mbam-setup-  to start the setup.

Have lots of patience as the Setup runs.
Then provide detail on how it went.

I would suggest that when the install is completed, that you do one more Logoff >> Restart Windows so that all is finalized to storage.

Please always tell me the exact error message you get  ( if you get one)  and the conditions of how it appears / how it happens.
It is so important to get details from you each and every time { and not just "error" or, <same as before> }.


Edited by Maurice Naggar
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Hi Maurice. Had a very busy October and only found the replies to this thread today. Anyway, sometime during the month, something popped up saying that a new version of MBAM (2.03.1025) was available and I went ahead and downloaded it.  Since then, although there have been a couple of 'MBAM stopped working' hiccups, the programme now regularily updates itself and that is a great boost. If there is anything that you would recommend I do, I now have the time to do it, but not necessarily the expertise. :)

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You might want to check out the top link on the HONORARY MEMBERS FORUM for something you might find of interest.

Hi Michael and thank you for your input. Had a look at the HM forum but didn't see anything remotely connected to the problem I had.  This may have been because I couldn't see any links. Can you provide me with a link to the info you think I should check out?

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Hello Trying50,


This topic should have been locked because it originated in early October before the time when the General release of the version

If your system is having issues with MBAM vers at this point, you may want to consider doing a clean new install like outlined  >> Here  <<

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