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a potential threat Malwarebytes may be missing

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Im not sure where its coming from but a file named GPUpd5427332C0.exe keeps popping up in my user\appdata\local\temp  folder. Everytime I catch this file run I get hit with Search Protect. After Malwarebytes removes the Search Protect malware, a appcrash pops up on my screen pertaining to some WRAPPID or WINRAPPID something along those lines, and it names the above file as its exe. but Malwarebytes doesn't mark this file as a potential threat, even though I delete this file it keeps poping back everytime I'm running firefox. upon which it deletes my add-on (which is a Ad blocker\anti-tracking add-on) and changes all my settings to some Trovi search and refuses to allow me to change it back. at which time I must uninstall firefox, delete the remaining folder data and reinstall. then all is good for about 4-6 hours upon which this occurs again.


I dont know if there is someway I could help in locking this illegal software down, or provide and futher information on it. I'm going to wipe my drive and reinstall but first I just wanted to check.

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Welcome. :)
Thanks for reporting this.
In order for the Research Team to evaluate the threat, however, they would need a bit more information.
Ideally, one would submit the sample (zipped and password-protected) along with a report from VirusTotal or similar website.
The instructions for such submissions are here:
Purpose of this forum
Malware hunters please read
And the Research Center Malware forum at which to submit the file is here: Newest Malware Threats

Before you reinstall the OS, you might want to get a free, expert second opinion?
To do so, please start with the steps here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers
It explains the options for free, expert help >>AND<< the preliminary steps to take to expedite the process.
A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue, including whether or not the system can be cleaned without reinstalling Windows.


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