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Unable to Access Update Server

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I recently upgraded from the Free version to the Premium version and keep on receiving the message "Unable to Access Update Server"


I have uninstalled the program using mbam-clean and reinstalled from the link in the purchase email. 


I added mbamdor.exe, mbamscheduler.exe and mbampt.exe to my isp firewall (mbam.exe and mbamservice.exe were already added)


Attached are the some scans requested from similar issues.


Thanks for the help




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Hello and :welcome: :
Until the staff members and forum experts have a chance to formally review your logs, a few things stand out.
First, your logs suggest that the steps in this pinned topic MIGHT resolve the updating issue: What to do: Runtime error - database stuck on 2014.03.04 - program 'stopped working' error
It's worth a try and cannot hurt.
your logs also show evidence of infection and/or at least minor PUPs.
As such, even if you do get MBAM updating after the above fix (and especially if it does NOT), you might want to get some expert help with the system.
To do so, please start with the steps here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers.
It explains the options for free, expert help >>AND<< the preliminary steps to take to expedite the process.

It would be a good idea to re-run the Diagnostic Logs scanner before you do; please be sure to place a check-mark for the "Addition.txt" option if you run FRST again.
A malware analyst will guide you through the cleanup process. Your helper can also assist with getting MBAM up and running properly.


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Hi, and :welcome: , rwilcher:

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Each computer is unique.

Problems that sound "the same" most often are not.

The same is true for solutions.

They most often need to be individualized.

It is less confusing for everyone if we try to stick to "one user per topic".

Please start a NEW, SEPARATE topic using the cjfj.png button. (where we can help you in your own topic)

The staff and experts will be able to more easily provide both you and the OP with individual help to get you both up and running.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


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