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[SOLVED] Silverlight being blocked


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Thanks for posting!


Can you please attach here your MBAE log files? Instructions on how to post them can be found at:

[README FIRST] How to post here


Also please post a DDS or FRST log that shows your computer configuration so we may try to replicate it internally.


Note: moving this thread to the Product Support sub-forum.

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Hi pbust,


Very sorry for the late reply.


I had MBAM Pro installed and running for approx 1 year before I noticed the Netflix Silverlight issue. I haven't noticed the issue again since, although I did uninstall Silverlight>Reboot>Start Netflix again and the issue has yet to occur.

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Good, that means that our research seems to point in the right direction. MBAE FPs during initial install and execution of Silverlight within Netflix but then after a reload of the page and consequent Netflix views it doesn't FP again.


Thanks again for confirming!

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