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Beware - CCleaner News v4.18.4842


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Good morning and much obliged Mike for the heads-up!


     Please pardon my lack of adequate understanding...but, I have a couple of questions:


1.  Could someone explain the significance of the "system monitoring" feature in this new version of CCleaner, and any concerns I should have about it?


2.  I had already downloaded this new version (although I have not installed it yet), but, HAVE already uninstalled the previous version (4.17).  Is there a way to re-install version 4.17?  I've checked the Piriform site and can find no way to do this.  Clicking on the [download] link for version 4.17 only downloads the new version, 4.18.


I ask the above questions so I don't end up making some major blunder and creating problems for my computer.


Thank you for your time and any information!



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Here are some links to the CCleaner support site and forum: :unsure:



4.18 changelog was already posted, but here it is again: http://www.piriform.com/blog/2014/9/25/ccleaner-v418


System monitoring:



As for 4.17, I don't easily spot a link to download archived versions at the piriform site.

You might have to try filehippo or other 3rd-party site, with the usual caveats about downloading from such sites.

(I personally never use them and only get my software from the publisher's own web site, JMHO.)


(FWIW, I always wait for the slim installer, 7-10 days after a new version, and I always keep the previous version installer in my downloads folder for a week or so after updating, just in case I end up having to roll back.  I do this for all software.)


I expect that Piriform will release a patched version soon enough to fix the issue @MikeW reported.





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Thanks very much for the info, DD1!


     After reading your recommendations and the info at the links you provided...I'll just wait until some fix is released and then re-download/install CCleaner again.


[EDIT @ 12:48 p.m.]Much obliged also to you, Andy, for providing the v4.17 to use in the interim!


Cheers! :)



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Would be nice to get them to either remove the Registry Cleaner or at least turn it off by default as it appears to be on by default.



They've pulled stunts like this before -- some time ago, they added cleanup of Mailwasher to their default settings in a version update without telling anyone.

It totally borked the Mailwasher installations for many users.

This was eventually changed to be disabled by default, but not until it had created havoc for many folks.

>>Moral of that story: BEFORE running it after a version update, one must review all the settings first, to see what might have been changed in the default options.

(Same for the Registry Cleaner!)


Aside from enabling the Registry Cleaner by default (!), all this other stuff ("system monitoring", etc) seems as if CCleaner is turning into bloatware. :(

CCleaner has started the slide down the slippery slope.

Too bad. :(


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Is anyone here a member in higher standing on the CC forum?


Would be nice to get them to either remove the Registry Cleaner or at least turn it off by default as it appears to be on by default.


Do I need a Windows Registry Cleaner?

I am a long time forum member and user. The forum moderators have no connection with the developers.

The registry cleaner is a separate tool and cannot be removed. Along with some of the other tools.

The default settings are supposed to be safe, however, I have unchecked many as for me they are risky to some extent.

The latest update now allows the system monitor to be fully stopped, but why anyone would wish to add another start-up sevice like this beats me.

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I haven't seen any of this, I guess because I have always used the portable build. I recommend that for any of you having issues with the installed versions that you do the same (slim or otherwise) as I can't see them attempting to make anything static/persistent in a portable build as that would render the build no longer portable (since its location and/or at least 1 binary would require a static location to be addressed by a loading point such as a RUN key or services key in the registry).

The portable build is always available on their 'other builds' page located here. Just extract the folder from the zip archive and place it wherever you'd like (you can even put it in one of your program folders if you wish) and run it from there. Whenever you need to upgrade to a new version, just make sure that you close CCleaner if it's open at the time, then extract the new version and replace the files in your existing folder with those from the new archive and you're all set.

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