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What about a MBAM GUI designing contest !


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Hi All


There is no doubt we all love MBAM and well aware of it's efficiency. In another sense MBAM wouldn't have been the 'MBAM' without support of community. All we want to make it more efficient and flawless at the end of the day. But one thing that 'First Impression Counts' and it's the point here. The current user interface is more like a rouge AV product and fails to impress the new audiences, isn't it ?


With due respect to the admins and fellow members would like to propose a 'MBAM GUI DESIGNING CONTEST-2015'. This very product could come with a streamlined UI in 2015 through our participation.



I would like to have your opinion   :welcome:



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  • Root Admin

Thanks for your idea, but the Malwarebytes team is already actively in the process of redesigning the UI a bit. We've asked a few forum members and other users to help us and we should have something to show soon. If you have any ideas, feel free to message them to me and we'll see if we can get them in.



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Hi Marcin Kleczynski


Thanks for the news, few days ago you asked about some suggestions. Here I've some ideas to share with about the new GUI. Just wanted to help our very desired product to be developed in a right and effective way. I'm not a designer but I can help with some scratch and concept. Here is the link where I've marked some areas where your team need to improve.




Another alternative link to the Marked Concept : http://s28.postimg.o..._1416257193.png


Precisely the areas are :


1. Align the Smiley  properly proportionate with License column.


2. Exclude the entire "Scan Now" area and place it towards the space at right hand side I've marked. You can use it for marketing purpose but it should be half of the size that was in version 2.xx. Also you can add an option to 'Hide or Show' the latest news.


3. After setting the 'Scan' button in right hand side side as marked add a little 'Quick Update' button for flash updates. Here at the Top Right Hand site you will find an empty space aligned to the dashboard area. You can just put a small 'Help' button there.


Please let me if that helps and I beg your pardon for very bad and ugly mark up ...  :P ...

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