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Since the past few hours MBAM has been alerting me like almost every 5 minutes that there is an outgoing connection to this host with ip I can find very little information on it. I ran procmon and filtered on sc18 and found C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast\SpamConf\sc18.bin*


the only thing i could find that could be related is http://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/4-0-474-0-and-dns-requests-to-mailshell-net.264933/ and maybe http://www.backgroundtask.eu/Systeemtaken/taakinfo/37627/nis.bat/257D6D3D0E7D716A6250BF54A1A4EF18/


Now my question is. WHY is this happening? Why is MBAM flagging a valid safe? domain?


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We're not blocking, or anything else on 84.22.100/24.


Please ensure you post the actual IP and hostname (where applicable) being blocked, and ensure to do so in your own thread, rather than someone else' please (keeps things clean and organized)


Important: Please Read Before Reporting A False Positive


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