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Malwarebytes v2 always reports it's done cleaning immediately

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Ok, this has finally got to the point that I'm posting here now that v2 has been out for a while.  I thought the issue might get resolved in some updates after v2 was initially released, but it's still happening every time.


Basically, when Malwarebytes is done scanning the system and presents you with the option to quarantine items (assuming items were found), as soon as I press the button it always immediately reports that it is finished cleaning.


However, you can click on "view detailed log" to get to the scanning history log and see that nothing has actually been cleaned yet. At that point you have to wait an undetermined amount of time and finally Malwarebytes will prompt for a reboot (that is, when it actually finishes cleaning).


This is very unintuitive, completely different from how things happened in v1, and could easily lead users to close the application before the cleaning is finished.


I've noticed this on well over 30 computers that I've cleaned since v2 came out.


Can anyone provide some insight?

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I'm talking about friends/relatives who call me with problems on their personal computers, many of whom I will remotely help.  I have recommended using Malwarebytes for many years now whenever I get calls about adware/malware.


Not sure if that was supposed to be some fish for whether I'm using the software in a business, but no, I'm not a repair shop or anything like that.  I do IT consulting and am usually the "computer guy" that gets called by any number of friends or relatives to help fix their computers.


In any case, how does that have anything to do with my original question?

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I see thanks for the clarification as to where the computers are located, just wanted to make sure you were not a business, so that I could point you to the business section.

Yes at the moment, you have to give Malwarebytes a chance to do its job and finish the cleaning process. The immediate I am finished is a little misleading. This has been reported already and they are working on a fix.... I am one of the ones that reported it as well...

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