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Is Advanced System Care malicious in anyway ?


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  • Root Admin

The company behind this product was found to be stealing our database.
Personally I would not trust installing any software from a company that resorts to stealing someone's technology to sell their product.
Please see the following links and make up your own mind if you want to keep this on your system. If needed I can help you remove it.

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those "let-us-do-everything" programs are not a good thing .

if they were , the guys that make their living maintaining computer systems would sure have an easier life .

instead , those programs make money for the people that "sell" them (either up front or through malware inclusions) and the guys that fix the comps that these programs happened to .


"if it sounds to good to be true ... it usually is" .

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I run Windows 7 32-bit

With this specs :

4GB ram ( 2.97Gb usable :( )

Intel Celeron® G540 2.5 dual core


And well , idk why is the usable ram is only 2.97 from the 4GB ( It wasn't like that when i first bought my PC )

And sometimes when i play an online game , and then quit it 

My PC gets laggy for about 10 min 

and this keeps happening...



So i am wondering if i need to run a maintenance program that can defrag my Hard drive or something , maybe that's what causing the lag 

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Defragmentation is built into the OS.


At any time you can go into the Task Scheduler and change it.


I created my own tasks that runs a

Defrag on "C:" Tuesday @ 0200 hrs

Defrag on "D:" Wednesday @ 0200 hrs

Defrag on "E:" Thursday @ 0200 hrs


You get the idea.


Some video cards consume RAM as the video is embedded on the motherboard and the video shares the physical RAM with the CPU thus decreasing total available RAM for the OS.

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  • Root Admin

Releasing memory and clearing cache is not an instantaneous process either. 


Try the following as a start.

Slow PC? - Start here


Please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs and we'll see if there is anything obviously wrong with the system that stands out.
Diagnostic Logs
Thank you

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  • Root Admin

Is it necessary, worthwhile,  optimizing the registry?

Probably not of much value to most users unless you're really into tweaking. I'd say that you need at least probably 30% or more fragmentation before you would be able to tell the difference without using a benchmark tool. Then once you did do it there would be no value in doing it again anytime soon.

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This is an old from 2014.

A 32bit OS will indeed use more than 3GB.  A 32bit OS is defined by the site of the CPU Registers. Since it is 32bits wide that means it can handles 232-1 or ~ 232 bytes of RAM or 4,294,967,296 or simply 4GB.

However, depending upon the hardware the effective available RAM is reduced to 3.15 ~ 3.5GB. Therefore installing 4GB is always warranted.

One also has to remeber that...

An 8bit OS is faster than a 16bit OS which is faster than a 32bit OS which is faster than a 64bit OS.

A lower bit OS is faster simply because the data is smaller so the OS has smaller blocks to move around.  It is true that an OS with a higher bit size is always more capable than that of a lower bit sized OS.

So if you use Adobe Illustrator and small files a 32bit OS is quite capable.  But if your AI files are quite large with multiple layers then you need more RAM to hold all that data and in that sense, because a 64bit OS can address more RAM, it can keep all that data in RAM and not have to swap it out to temporary disk.

Another example is that you have a spreadsheet that is 50MB large and has 50,000 rows.  A 32bit version of MS Excel will truncate it to ~32,000 rows.  A 64bit version of MS Excel will be able to handle the large spreadsheet without data truncation.


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