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Why is it telling me that my key is invalid?

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I just bought Malwarebytes Premium for 3 PCs the other day, from Office Depot. I have installed it on one computer thus far. Now, I'm trying to install it on my other computer. It's recognizing the ID as valid, but not the key. I have typed in all of the letters and numbers correctly. I have done it multiple times. I tried it from the actual Malwarebytes application, then from the CD. No luck.


What's going on? Why is this not working? I'd be more than welcome to show my receipt and license ID/key if a Malwarebytes support person can get it working for me. Thanks.

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I know you mentioned that you've typed it all in correctly.

More often than not, however, the error occurs when the user makes an alphanumeric character substitution AND/OR adds an extra space before or after the string.

It happens to the best of us. ;)

It says 'Invalid license information' when I try to activate the software.


If it installed OK on the 1st rig, then that would suggest that the license ID/key themselves are fine and not blacklisted.

It's not possible to enter the information copied/pasted from the program GUI.

As you mention that this is a CD, you'll need to type in the info manually into the fields on the computers.

License is XXXXX-XXXXX (no extra spaces)

Key is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (no extra spaces).


The only other thing that comes to mind: Are you sure this is a new, Premium, 3-PC, subscription license, rather than a "legacy", 1-PC lifetime license?


If none of that resolves your issue, then I would suggest directly contact consumer support here: Contact Consumer Support

We here in the forum don't have access to license info or the ability to directly resolve such issues here.

But the help desk should be able to sort it out.


In the interim, you can use the 14-day Trial on the other computers.


I hope this helps,

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