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UI suggestion for scan page


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Hi - I had some issues finding my scan options, after cancelling a scan. I am reposting this from my support thread, as it includes some of the issues I faced finding the correct button to click.


From a UI point of view, I might recommend using a button that is consistent with the other buttons you use in that area. For example compare the top version to the bottom one.




I think the difficulty I had in finding this button was compounded by a few factors:


1) This area is used for advertising during the scan. My mind flags this area as inactive space, and stops paying attention to it. It is an ad, I don't want to click on it. And then right afterwards, I am expected to click in that area.

2) Clicking the "scan" button at the top, and the scan from the main page don't take me back to the scan main menu. This lead me to think that I was seeing all the options available.

3) The main menu button does not call loudly enough for attention, even though it is the next logical step to starting a scan. It is low contrast compared to the other possible actions I can take on that screen.


4) You have trained me as a user to click green things to take action. I am looking for a green thing to click.


As an aside - "Main Menu" isn't very descriptive, and competes with "Dashboard" in terms of how I think of things. Something like "Scan Menu" or "Scan Options" or "Scan Now" gives me direction on what to do next.




Just some random thoughts. hope you find them of value.

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