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Can no longer boot up after using Malwarebytes

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I'm running Windows 7 on a 64-bit HP laptop.


I used Malwarebytes, but when the system rebooted, after logging in, the screen comes up black (aside from the mouse "arrow" icon, which does respond to movement).  So the WIndows interface is now inaccessible -- even though the screen saver still comes up on the otherwise unreactive black screen.


I can access the system via command prompt by booting up from the system repair CD, but the folder for the Malwarebytes scan Logs is empty.


Is there a way to reverse the changes made by Malwarebytes?  Is there any idea what kind of change may have resulted in this behavior.


It is of course terribly unfortunate that a program supposed to help protect my computer has instead rendered it unusable.



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I tried that, and though the drive I was trying to reinstall from went through the motions, the end result (black screen) was the same.  So I took the computer to a repair shop.  The folks there believe that my drive was already having I/O issues (it had been regularly overheating), and that this precipitated the disasterous Malwarebytes crash.  They are installing a new one.  For what it's worth, they swear by the Malwarebytes software, and apparently I am just the "lucky" exception that proves the rule.


I appreciate your efforts to help.

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