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Swiss Army file

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Everyone replying to this question is kinda IFFY on their answers on this swissarmy.sys file. Either you know what you are talking

about or you do not know! There is no " Well it PROBABLY is", or "Maybe it is", or anything response like that! It either is something or

it isn't! Now, I am running version and there is no file swissarmy.sys on my computer! There is a file called swissarmy.ref

 located in the C:\ProgramData folder, which is a hidden folder so....what is the deal with that!? And how does that compare with the

question asked befor? DO NOT ANSWER WITH Well probably or Maybe! If you do not know then do not answer! Period! Even though

I am running the latest version of mbam I just lost 1 terabyte of data to malware so "maybe it might be" or "probably" is not going to cut it!

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Hello and welcome, @mike2008and2008:


This forum thread is actually 5 years old and discusses a version of MBAM (1.37) that was released in 2009 and is long-since dead.

The current version of MBAM is

Some of the program files and drivers have been renamed since 2009, including "SwissArmy.sys".


You mention that you have lost data because of a malware infection. :(

If you would like free, expert help with cleaning your system and repairing the damage, I suggest that you might wish to start with the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers.

It explains how to get assistance from one of the malware experts.

They will help you with looking into your malware issues.




P.S. The moderator team might split off your post to a new, separate topic. No worries, though.



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And to go along with what @daledoc1 said, I have the same version you do, and the same file you do.  It is located in c:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware directory.  It is fine.  Please follow her recommendation to get the status of your computer checked.

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  • Root Admin

I have moved the topic to it's own topic so it's no longer a reply to a 5 year old topic.




Also, please try to kick it down a notch as your 1st post here on the forum is a bit strong and uncalled for and not a good way to seek help from other people.


Thank you

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