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I could not agree more.

After MSE came out I've been enoying not having a third party antivirus doing real-time protection.  That time sadly is coming to an end as the virus makers are adapting and new goverment-level malware has been leaked.  But I cannot bring myself to purchase malwarebytes 2.  I usually don't care much for aesthetics but I have to say the developers or marketing team or whoever made this..... masterpiece have used thier formidible talent for evil.  The interface is so inefficient, guady, and similar to fake-av's that I just can't see it as part of my desktop environment.

As someone who people go to for advice on software, especially antivirus software, I have been put in an embarresing situation.  I used to reccoment MBAM for everyone, but no longer can do so.  When it looks like the fake anti-virus software I tell them to avoid, how can I tell them to use it?  How can I tell them to purchase it when I've continuously been telling them to never click on anything that looks like that?

Please add a professional skin or a different version so that I can bear to use your wonderful software again.

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Hi, @societyblind: :)
Thanks very much for your thoughtful feedback.
I'm certain the development team will be interested in your comments.
Until the staff members weigh in here, a couple of thoughts come to mind:
MBAM 2 was subjected to a very lengthy beta testing period, during which there was a lot of passionate feedback and commentary about the UI/UX, both positive and negative.
Some changes were already made and other refinements have been slated for future releases.
Many of the new features and components were necessary because of changes under the hood.
As just a home user who is NOT involved in any way in product development (and one who was pretty vocal about the new GUI ;) ), I would presume that another major redesign simply isn't going to happen now. 

Doing so would require the use of personnel and resources better allocated to the program functions.
Along these same lines, especially with the Premium version that permits scheduled tasks, one really doesn't spend all that much time looking at the dashboard.  It's not all that bad, once one has used it for a while.
FYI, though, this topic was actually started back in 2010 and the most recent reply was in 2012 -- all of this based on older, now-outdated versions of MBAM.
So, in the future, for best attention by the Product Development team, you might wish to start a NEW, SEPARATE topic about MBAM 2 feedback here in the "Comments and Suggestions" area. :)
If you have specific problems or issues installing, configuring or running MBAM, then please feel free to start a new topic in the MBAM support section >>here<<.  We will be happy to assist you. :)

ALSO, for additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF
And there are many useful KB topics and videos at the helpdesk support page


Thank you again,

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