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Where to discuss: Change from Avast Free AV to ?


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Thanks to MrCharlie, I was able to rid myself of PUP.Optional.Conduit.A https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/154932-pupoptionalconduita-cant-remove/page-2#entry867014


While I will take full responsibility for the infection (using uTorrent, visiting mature sites), I was disappointed that Avast Free was unable to even find PUP.Optional.Conduit.A with a boot-time scan.


Along with modifying my web surfing habits, it would seem to be prudent to finally step up and pay for a good AV product or suite (including firewall). Ideally, I want an AV tool, form filler (I currently have LastPass free but I want RoboForm). Extra 'bonuses' would be licenses for my Android phone & tablet (1 of each). I have 1 Win 7 PC.


I have read AV Comparatives reviews in the past but I am not current with the 'best' product. Kaspersky seems to have a good reputation. I have heard that the Wilders Security forum has good, independent advice but thought I would check here first.



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If you search the forum here (and elsewhere), you will find many, many topics with many, many more opinions.


As Malwarebytes maintains professional relationships with most of the popular AV vendors, it would be unseemly for the staff or forum regulars to endorse one product over another.

There are many fine options, depending your needs and your computer's specs.

MBAM is designed and tested to run alongside all of the major, popular AVs.


Here is one reference: List of well known antivirus products


There are several other places where such a topic is debated at length and in passionate detail, such as:





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Just to add..... Conduit is NOT a VIRUS or Malware but a PUP and the Anti-virus programs rarely ever detect these kind of hijackers because you agreed to install them during an install of something else.


The paid realtime protection of malwarebytes could of made the difference. Also I would reccomend looking at http://unchecky.com/

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