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MBAM Slow scanning.

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When I use right click to scan some files with MBAM it scans them and announces that the scan has finished and that no infections were detected and then becomes unresponsive with one thread using 100% CPU and shows (Not Responding) in its title for around 7 or 8 minutes!!!!


(Not Responding) also often shows during the scanning.


When is this going to be fixed?


I'm using MBAM (Premium).

I am running under Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.


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Hello and :welcome: , bdg2:

  • MBAM 2 has a more powerful, more complete scanning engine & other capabilities (such as anti-rootkit scanning) not available in version 1, so it is perfectly normal for scans to take a bit longer; this is nothing to worry about.
  • Disabling anti-rootkit (ARK) scanning and archive scanning can speed up scan times.
  • You might also want to set mutual exclusions between your antivirus (AV) and MBAM -- the files to exclude in your AV are listed >>HERE<<; let us know if you need help with that. The attached screen shot shows an example (of a different AV, obviously) of how to exclude an AV in MBAM.
  • Sometimes slowdowns may be the result of older hardware, insufficient RAM, cluttered or damaged disks, excessively tight security settings, etc.
  • MANY, MANY factors contribute to scan times -- these include:

Size of disk
Disk type
Disk speed
Disk caching
CPU speed
Controller type and speed
Operating System used
Amount of files (including temp files!)
Amount of folders
Amount of archived files such as zip, rar, sfx, etc. (if this is enabled)
Rootkit scan or not (if this is enabled)
PUM/PUP scans
Other security programs running at the same time that may potentially be monitoring all file accesses by any other process.
Drive integrity - if a drive is failing it can take a long time to ignore and bypass sectors on a disk or simply fail period and hang the scan.
Other ongoing disk I/O processes
System being infected can also affect speed of scans
Also note that changes in the MBAM database can also cause scan times to increase or decrease, so that's another factor to consider, as mentioned => HERE <=

It would help if we could see a bit more information about your MBAM installation and the scans.
So, if possible, please attach to your next reply the following items:

  • The 3 diagnostic logs from the instructions here: Diagnostic Logs
  • An MBAM scan log or two -- please let us know if you need help attaching and uploading it.



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Hello bdg2:


Sometimes the second Farbar report (Addition.txt) arrives incomplete like yours did. Please rerun FRST and check/tick the addition.txt box before the scanning is started. Then, copy and paste in a reply to this thread.


Also, the logs you sent are in .xml format and we lack the utilities to make them more human readable. Do NOT send anymore mbam or protection logs for now. However if requested, please attach the .txt format instead.


Thank you.

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Hello bdg2:


The last portion of the attached Addition.txt file is still truncated and therefore is missing a significant amount of critical troubleshooting information.

The last line of the report should read:

==================== End Of Log ============================
I have no doubt you are running FRST64.exe in the correct manner:
  • Only start Windows in the Normal mode.
  • Only save FRST64.exe to, and run from, the Administrator's Desktop.
So, although Farbar has not released a new version of FRST64.exe today, please delete any previous versions from your computer's Administrator desktop. Also, delete the C:\FRST directory too.

Then, please download a fresh copy of FRST64.exe and run from the Administrator's Desktop and examine the last line of the Addition.txt file. If the "End of Log" line is present, please attach it to your next reply.

Thank you.

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Hello bdg2:

Thank you for the good news feedback.

Please let us know if we can help you further.

BTW - you were correct the other day. I mistakenly was using a text reader limited to 64K. My bad!

Thank you!

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