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ATTN: MBAM product development team - New version of MBAM

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Dear Product development team member,


What is your best guess estimate for a release date of a NEW version of MBAM???


Thank you for your assistance.



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It appears that you already posed this question earlier today in another topic here?



And we did reply to your question in that other topic here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/155279-mbam-wont-scan-a-single-pdf-file/#entry867510

When the product development team is ready, they will most certainly announce the next product version in this sub-forum area >>HERE<< and this one >>HERE<<, and the BLOG,  and social media; and you may wish to  subscribe to the newsletter on the company home page to stay abreast of product announcements.


Thank you very much,

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Thank you for your information. However, I had hope that an actual product development team member would have read and replied to my post. I am just looking for some kind of time frame for the new MBAM release date. Are we talking about days, weeks, months, or years away from a new release??? I already know that a new version release will be announced, I am just looking for some kind of FORECASt as to WHEN.

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As it is the weekend, I expect that the Product Development team may not be available to respond to your inquiry right away. :(


And as is the norm in the software industry, especially the security sector, vendors/publishers typically do not publicly announce new software version updates until they are ready for release (alpha, beta, "pre-release", "gold", etc).


When this question is asked at other forums, the official response is usually "WIIR" ("When It Is Ready"). ;)


As you mentioned in your other topic that you are experiencing a problem with MBAM on your computer, some troubleshooting steps were suggested there.


Thank you,

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