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Endless Heuristic scan

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Hi all,


First post, so please be gentle!


Trying to clean a friends laptop, installed Mbam free on Win 7 64 SP1 (Acer Aspire 5733)


It scanned ok, with several (low hundreds) detected items.


Then moved onto Heuristic scan and the detected items went into overdrive, reaching over 300k items at one stage!


The scan was left running overnight, I checked again after approx 12 hours, the time elapsed showed just over 8 hours.


Used the mbam clean to uninstall, re-installed and tried again with same results.


This time I left it running for over 24 hours (on Heuristic) and came back this morning to find that it had stopped responding.


Installed & ran Ccleaner & SpyBot, cleaned several items & tried Mbam again with the same result as before.


I found one thread here that had similar issue with Heuristic scan not working, but it had no detections, whereas this one says I've the most infected computer in the world!


Any advice & help appreciated!



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Hello ultrap3 and :welcome:


First let's try this:

  • Open the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM2) Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Single left-click Settings.
  • Single left-click Detection and Protection.
  • Under Detection Options:
    • Uncheck/untick Scan for rootkits.
    • uncheck/untick Scan within archives.
Then, try your previous scan and let us know how it went in a reply to this thread.


Thank you.

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Hello ultrap3:

Please run a complete Windows 7 Disk Check and ensure that the full five stage chkdsk diagnostic (Check/Tick: Automatically fix file system errors & Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors) is allowed to run to completion.

Please let us know, in a reply to this thread, if any chkdsk errors were discovered and corrected.

Thank you.

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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes

It could very well be the infections that are causing this behavior... Need to get the computer cleaned up first.

Being that you are probably infected, feel free to follow the instructions below to receive free, one-on-one expert assistance in checking your system and clearing out any infections and correcting any damage done by the malware.

Please see the following pinned topic which has information on how to get help with this: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

Thank you

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