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Running Check Disk from a BartPE Disk

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Once you get the BartPE disk burned to a CD (no, I'm not posting a link to a download here), and get your computer started up off of it, you will get a message asking if you want to enable networking support. Tell it no.

Now, click the 'GO' button, and navigate through the menus until you reach "Check Disk" like in the picture below:


Click on "Check Disk", and you should have a black window pop up with some white text. The white text will look like this:


It wants to know what drive, so I'll assume drive C. Type in the letter C followed by a : and make sure to press enter afterwards.

Example: C:

Now it wants more information. It will ask this:


Type n for no (obviously you'll want to press enter after typing n). Usually you don't need to do a full sector scan.

And again it will be wanting more info. Here's what it should say:


This is a silly question. Make sure you type y for yes (pressing enter afterwards once again), otherwise it will cancel the disk check.

Now you're at the last step. It'll give you the following information:


It's basically telling you what you just told it. You want to run a check disk on drive C and fix errors on the disk. Tell it y for yes (yeah, press enter again), and it should start the check disk.

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