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adcash pop-up

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Hi all,

i was surfing an online website about a videogame (elohell.net, league of legends) when suddenly, while i was seeing some fan-art, a pop-up opened.

it was 'adcash.com' and redirected me to 'vube.com'.


I have to say that my pc is pretty clean with malwarebytes Premium and norton 360, i don't install/download anything from internet and no strange programs are installed.

I immediately close that window opened in chrome of that pop-up and done some scans.

Nothing found.



I'm asking to you if that was something dangerous (or a virus, some say on internet) or just a redirecting plug advertising ad. 


And, i have to say, if it was some kind of infection or attack, Malwarebytes premium should have blocked and alerted me, no?


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i searched on google about it,  I know that a lot of people were talking about some adwares/viruses  that open automatically a Lot of pop-ups on the browser, but it's not my case, because it never does that to me! just in that case. 

my system is pretty clean as i said before, i don't download anything, never, and i've scanned a lot of times with norton and malwarebytes premium, never founding something. 


if i can, let me suggest: get on elohell.net, (it's not a malicious website, just a fansite of league of legends), surf some artworks and perhaps it will open a pop-up with advertisements (in my case was from adcash.com to vube.com)


the point is that i don't understand if its a common ad or something more dangerous than a simple advertisement pop-up to do money. it happened to me just one time.



And, at the end, i consider malwarebytes premium really accurate: if it was a threat it should have alerted me, no? 

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ok... but i updated it several times and i'm keeping on make complete scans..


That is not a good idea.

Routine "complete" or "full" MBAM scans of your entire system are neither needed nor recommended.

It's a task better suited to your anti-virus.  The Threat scan is all that should be needed under most conditions.

Moreover, repeated full scans could cause some wear and tear of your hard drive.


Unfortunately, we cannot tell what is happening with your system without a bit of system information. :(

If you would like us to assist you here, please read this pinned topic and post back with all 3 logs attached to your next reply, as Firefox requested: Diagnostic Logs

(Please be sure there is a checkmark for "Addition.txt" in the options before your run FRST.)


If you think you might be infected, unfortunately, we can't work on malware diagnosis or removal here in this area of the forum.

So we suggest that you please follow the steps described in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers.

You would then either start a new topic with all of the requested diagnostic logs in the malware removal section of the forum, OR open a ticket at the help desk.

A malware expert would then assist you with checking and cleaning your system.



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