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Malwarebytes keeps blocking outgoing connections with Skype

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Malwarebytes keeps blocking outgoing connections when I'm using Skype.

It's always the same IP address , but with different ports each time.

When I searched up the IP address on Google , I found this:


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I have 6 screenshots of it being blocked.



What's wrong?

I have scanned my computer a lot with Malwarebytes , Avast! and even Combofix , but they all find nothing.

I have  this problem for weeks now and im now posting it here , and hoping for help.










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  • Root Admin

The logs show that you appear to be having issues with some application and services crashing so not sure if a software conflict or damage from a previous infection but the computer does not appear to be infected.


Unless you're seeing IP blocks from something else then I'd say MBAM is doing it's job.

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Malwarebytes is only blocking connections when I start playing Garry's Mod and other multiplayer games.


How can I fix it though? It's really annoying that I keep seeing that Malwarebytes has blocked that connection with a nother port.

(I just started my Pc and its already blocked the IP 6 times)

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  • Root Admin

No, it's not coming from you it's already out there. That site is the one that is black listed not you. If Skype or other software you're using wants to contact that site and you want to use it then you'll need to add the exclusion locally to your computer in MBAM as we will not remove the detection for other users.

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