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Rogue Killer deleted Mcafee Anti-Rootkit registry keys?


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So a little while ago before I knew how careful you had to be with the registry, I let rogue killer delete three suspicious paths (registry keys) that belonged to Mcafee Anti-Rootkit.  I checked to see if the application worked after, and it was just like when I downloaded it.  I was still nervous so I deleted the exe and re-downloaded.  Then I ran rogue killer once more.  It found 2 of the same suspicious paths as last time, but not the third.  Should I be worried that I damaged my computer.  Also, as you can see in the logs some of the hide desktop icon keys came back.  I have had no problems with my computer and have used several scanners.  Thank you! 


New Log.log

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I'm sorry...


This is a sub-forum to determine if a file detected by Malwarebytes' Anti Malware (MBAM) is being detected Falsely.  That is MBAM generated a False Positive declaration.


It is not a support sub-forum for other vendor products or utilities.


If you have an issue with the MBAM product, support can be sought here ... Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Help


If you think you may be infected and want one-on-one assistance in that determination and possible eradication, support can be sought here ... Malware Removal Help


Thank you for understanding.

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This is the Malwarebytes forum, so we cannot fix potential false positives another scanner creates. Roguekiller is not Malwarebytes.

This looks like a False positive indeed on the Mcafee RootKit Remover, so don't worry, your computer is not infected.

I can however point the developer of Roguekiller to this and make him aware. :)

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It appears that you've started a few topics over in the malware removal section.


If you think you might be or might have been infected, it might be advisable to start by following the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

It explains how to get free, expert help with checking for malware, cleaning your computer and repairing any malware damage.

Further use of powerful malware removal tools and "self-medication" without expert help may cause more harm than good and it make it hard to recover.


<just a suggestion>



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