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Why blacklisted 7host.com?

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hpHosts (powered by Malwarebytes) say that 7host.com is an "exp" site:

"Sites engaged in the housing, development or distribution of exploits, including but not limited to exploitation of browser, software (inclusive of website software such as CMS), operating system exploits aswell as those engaged in exploits via social engineering.  Sites with this classification should NOT be loaded in a browser AT ALL." -- http://hosts-file.net/?s=7host&x=12&y=8


But then, I can't find out the exact reason. Their forum doesn't let me sign up.


The free webhost service of 7host.com is kind of nice. Very fast, while the sql database was down for 2 days since I sign up (now it is back online).

I do see that the free webhost service was abused. Some hosted website sell viagra / porn.



I was going to use it until I see someone say it is a dangerous site by referencing hpHost's classification.

I still want to know the reasion that the site is dangerous.

If it is just because of the bad sites that people hosted on it, instead of the webhosting company, I guess using it is fine.



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7host.com was listed with the ATS classification (assigned to benign ad/tracking servers), however, it should've only been affiliates.* that was added. 7host.com has now been removed.

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some people say many sites hosted at 7host.com was hacked.


They weren't hacked. Like a lot of free hosts, 7host.com services were abused and they were lax at best, at dealing with such.

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