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New MBAM with Norton Internet Security - Comcast version

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As a longtime MBAM user I loved the full version of MBAM 1.75, which ran very well alongside Avast paid version on my business's two XP machines ever since it came out.


Well, we went through the expensive and frustrating process of replacing those machines with new Win7 computers and of course practically all new software.


Once we were up and running, we downloaded Comcast's version of Norton Internet Security (free to Comcast customers using them as our ISP).


The guy who helped us set up the new machines (an IT professional who is a friend) told us to hold off on MBAM, due to multiple issues with the new versions MBAM, as well as some problems with compatibility with Norton IS.  But I feel totally naked without MBAM running on my machines.  I have just two questions, and please understand I am a totally devoted MBAM user, I loved the software, it saved my bacon on several occasions... 


First, are the new version start-up problems and glitches pretty well ironed out now?  With all new hardware and software, and the steep learning curve we've going through with the Win7 /new hardware upgrade, I'm still nervous about installing the latest version - I actually would rather load 1.75 on both machines, but with the end of support coming up, I hesitate to do that.  Guys, I love your product and wish it was running on my machines, but I don't need a new set of problems to deal with...uninstalls, re-installs, etc. 


Second, can I get a definitive answer regarding running MBAM (either 1.75 OR the new full version) alongside NIS, the Comcast version (Norton says it's different, Comcast says it's different)...A visit to the Norton forums was enough for me to see that this was a highly contested, emotionally charged issue, with Norton 360 and NIS demanding an uninstall of MBAM...plus a whole bunch of highly opinionated people claiming you cannot run NIS and MBAM together unless MBAM is only used in a scan-only manner.  The "fix" that Norton finally came up with only happened after about 35 pages on the forum thread regarding the problem, but I can't find any information that tells me the Comcast version has the "fix" applied, because the NIS auto-updates come from Comcast and the version umbers are different than the open market NIS.


I would much rather hear it from MBAM...will MBAM in full capacity and NIS Comcast up-to-date version play nice together?  I have to tell you I feel less than protected just relying on NIS, I want MBAM back on my machines, but I don't want to deal with either a new set of MBAM problems with the new version, or Norton problems because MBAM isn't their friend...


Please help a loyal MBAM user make the right decisions here...thank you!

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Hello and :welcome:


This is my opinion and be aware I am not an employee of Malwarebytes...


As an IT professional myself, I do not understand how another IT professional can not recommend and/or install Malwarebytes and make it work along side another product.  I use Malwarebytes on 100's of computers with no issues, and with different antivirus products.  On only a few have I had to enter exceptions to make them work together.


That being said, and to answer your first question, the very early version had issues, but most of those issues have been resolved with the latest version of Malwarebytes. Not going to say its perfect (as no product really is).  You should not have any problems running your Norton Internet Security along side Malwarebytes.


Most antivirus vendors will tell you to not use Malwarebytes, and that's because of two reasons, one is so that they get you to use only their products. The second is because they don't want you to come back to them and complain about their product.


Bottom line is this, I say install Malwarebytes along side your Norton, and if you have any issues whatsoever, their are plenty of us folks here, including myself that will guide you through fixing any issues you may have.


Hope that answers your questions.

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  • Root Admin

The issue sometimes with ISP versions is they are often trimmed down versions. I say if possible get rid of it and either go with a free version like Avast or buy the full Norton product instead of using a trimmed down version. Often the trimmed down versions won't allow customizations like the retail version does.

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Thank you both for the quick reply.  In defense of the friend who is an IT professional, I twisted his arm to help me get the machines set up at no fee, and his admonitions were more of a "be careful about MBAM at this point in time (this was back in April and I do believe the early problems were quite prevalent then).  I may have made it sound more like a "don't do this" than a "be careful if you do this".  At no charge, I really didn't expect him to take much ownership in setting up software and addressing problems for me.  But I do understand what you're saying - had I been paying him his $175 an hour, I'd expect a lot more than what I got.  He likes Norton products, and quickly recommended I download it  saying "hey, it's free". 


I am a former Norton user who abandoned them during their bloatware days, and I actually am not yet convinced they have redeemed themselves , but it was free and with all the money pouring out at the time we replaced everything, it seemed like a good (if only temporary) move.  I guess I hadn't considered that an ISP version may be pared down.  I'm actually more concerned that Comcast is involved somehow - their tech support has been abysmal but we're locked in with no other ISP's available in our area.


 Ron, I know this is a subjective question and there is no "best" AV solution, but can I get an educated opinion on which, the full Norton or the free (or paid) Avast will give us the best protection?   Are they (again in your opinion) on the same level in the ability to prevent/catch today's breed of virus/criminalware?  Norton is pretty much an unknown entity to me, I did have good success with Avast, but are they apples and apples? 

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Well getting FREE professional help is always nice... and its good to have friends...

Speaking of FREE, normally the free versions of Antivirus software and programs are geared to the consumers (home users). You mentioned above that these were work computers.

Business computers fall under a different category and those products need to be licensed accordingly. Malwarebytes Free is for use by consumers (home users) Malwarebytes 2.x Premium is only available for consumers at the moment. The business version is still at version 1.7x. Make sure you get proper licensing for your products and software installed on your business computers. You can get info for business licensing for Malwarebytes Antimalware for Business HERE 

As far as what Antivirus program to go with, that is a matter of choice really, you will get different answers from different IT folks. This is what the Malwarebytes Forum recommends as far as AV solutions HERE.


Hope this answers your questions...

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Please let me qualify (or quantify) the actual usage of these machines.  They are first, our home computers.  I am semi-retired and run a small (very small) niche business producing wood items out of a small shop on our property. My business is conducted primarily through e-mail.  My machine is my personal computer that also gets used for business correspondence, etc and.  My wife's computer is primarily her "Amazon shopping portal", is used for our personal finances, and occasionally to prepare invoices, that's it.


I'm telling you this because I don't want it to sound like I own a conventional brick and mortar office or manufacturing factory with employees, etc.  It's not a money thing, actually, MBAM's business version is very affordable too.  But I am concerned about, and don't want to, load up programs that are first and foremost business applications - most are loaded with capabilities that I will never need or use, and are designed for network applications, and are way too complex to learn for a couple in their 60's.  We run 2 machines on a router for internet access, with one share set up to a NAS for back-ups and photos of our grandkids, and that's it.   Note that I don't intentionally run freeware, even the Avast that we used on the XP machines was the paid version. 


If what we do with these machines makes us bad guys because we aren't running business versions of everything, it's not that we're trying to "get away with" anything - it's that our machines tip the scale more toward personal computers than full-blown business workstations.  I'd be very disappointed to find out that what we do with these 2 computers "disqualifies" us as consumers and is considered a license violation of any kind...MBAM or any other software company.

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Thanks for the clarification, I do not work for Malwarebytes, just passing along the info. There are plenty of folks that fall in your category as you explained above. I would believe that in your case you are fine, as your computers are more of a home computer than a business computer. Trust me there are plenty of us the do work stuff on a home computer.

Like I said, I am not on the Malwarebytes staff so I can not say for sure if you are fine with your current setup, but I would be more inclined to say that in your case, your probably OK.

So did you get Malwarebytes working on the computers yet?

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Let me put it this way - my gross sales for an entire year  are very likely less than 2-3 weeks of your fees as an IT professional.  Forgive me if I sound a little testy on this subject - but there are just too many instances where simply using the word "business" seems to have become a reason in and of itself to multiply the price of anything to do with computers.  MBAM doesn't do that, from what I can see, but there are plenty that do.  In my mind, I AM "fine" with my current setup, and I'd tell you that even if you were an MBAM employee.  If it came down to having to run MBAM business version as a licensing issue, or nothing, I'd have to choose "nothing" on principle alone.


As I said, I believe that people should get paid for what they produce - I don't run free anything, even if it's good, because (among other reasons) I don't expect something for nothing.  The Comcast Norton is an exception I made because I already pay Comcast too much for some pretty crappy Internet access.  This current computer era - the one I define as starting with Micro$oft's hardball ending of XP forcing us all to not only buy new hardware but all new software too, at one license per price - is in my opinion the beginning of the end of affordable computing for the masses.  The total bill just for what my wife and I had to do was horrendous.  People approaching fixed-income situations are being priced out of computing altogether.  (Fortunately MBAM has stayed reasonable and offers multiple licenses per purchase.)  Okay I'll step down off the soap box and return to the reason I posted....


I haven't ordered MBAM yet - first I need to decide what to do with regard to keeping or losing the Comcast Norton, going back to Avast, etc.  I want the final AV solution in place before I add MBAM into the mix -

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Sounds like a plan...., which ever AV you decide to pick and install and then install MBAM, we will be glad to help you should any issues arise, simply stop on back and we will be glad help you with those issues. I really do not foresee any, like Ron already stated the Free ones provided from the ISP's are the ones that tend to give some folks a few issues, but that's because they have been tailored to fit their needs...

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Firefox and Ron -


Doing a little research trying to find out what exactly the Comcast version of NIS is, I ran across this on the NIS forum...it's one post, and I have no way of knowing if this guy is correct.  I'm leaning toward just keeping the Comcast Norton, only because I'm lazy enough not to want to uninstall it on 2 machines, wonder if it's completely uninstalled, etc. Plus retraining myself and my wife on using the replacement...


 Ron, what sort of "customizations" should I look for to see if they're still there..?  Here's the quote from the forum....cloud storage is something I neither need nor want, the other differences seem immaterial...it still has a comprehensive "settings" screen including timers, etc.  If it's actually Norton 360 renamed, think I'm good with the new MBAM?


For the record, Norton Security Suite from Comcast is simply Norton 360 renamed, minus a few features but otherwise exactly the same.

The features removed are:

Online backup storageicon1.png ability
- The Feedback, Account, and Sign in commands on the main window
- The Zone, Manage, and Mobile icons on the main window

The minor changes would be:

- License valid for the entire time you have Comcast service (or until the 2 companies break their deal, I suppose)
- Can install on up to 7 computers (and they don't even have to be on Comcast, the activations are linked to your Comcast account)
- There's an Xfinity logo next to the Norton logo on the main window smile.gif 


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Well without me going and downloading and installing the app I can not say for sure it that is all that is missing. Some of these custom builds, they also take out the ability to add exclusions. Sometimes exclusions are needed to prevent conflicts.

Your best bet is to install Malwarebytes on only one computer at a time and see if you encounter any issues, as already stated, we can help you sort those out, provided you can add the needed exclusions into your AV...

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Hi, Slider51:


Please do stay with @Firefox and @AdvancedSetup for expert help.

At the risk of muddying the water, if I may, I will add a few thoughts from the perspective of just another home computer user.


I would agree with both of them that the stripped-down, ISP branded AV/security suites may not be the best ("you get what you pay for, or less").

Rather than shelling out $175/hour for an "IT pro" (at least one that may not offer sound advice), the $ might be better spent on a robust, paid, retail version of a good AV?

As Malwarebytes corporation maintains professional relationships with all of the major AV vendors, it wouldn't be "proper" for staff (or forum volunteers) to endorse one product over another. 

There are many fine choices, and the "best" solution depends on many customer and computer variables.

There is pinned topic here with a short list of options, as well as some outside resources: List of well known antivirus products


As merely an EXAMPLE (NOT an "endorsement" intended to trigger a heated and emotional discussion among countless forum members), a 1-yr, 3-PC license for KIS 2014 can be found at amazon.com for about $20.  (The activation code for KIS2014 is valid for KIS2015, which was just released a few weeks ago. You would download the software from the vendor website (either 2014 or 2015) and then use the purchased activation code to register/activate it...).


IMHO as a home computer user, that, combined with your existing MBAM lifetime Premium licenses, might provide better protection and features???

For that matter, a retail version of NIS (available at Amazon for about $35) would likely do the same.

Spread out over 3 computers, that's about $10 per rig per year -- a very good value.

Any similar option would likewise be more cost-effective than the time and productivity lost from trying to recover from a malware infection???


These are my own personal opinions, so please feel free to disregard any or all of this.


Cheers, :)

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Thanks for the reply,DaleDoc...


Ahhhh..I never spent $175 an hour, I did get some free advice from an IT tech that charges that regularly.  He did, in fact, give me some good advice to be careful with the new MBAM, as there were some nagging problems at the time.


I just found out today that the Comcast version of NIS may be stripped, and with my other comment regarding Comcast, I really don't want anything on my machines that they exercise any control over.  I have never run without an active paid AV solution, with MBAM alongside, until downloading the free NIS from Comcast.  That being said, all that's left is deciding on which robust, paid, retail version of an AV solution to switch to.  Within reason, cost is not a factor here, I just want performance and no problems running alongside MBAM full version.  The reason for my original post was to test the current waters regarding the release problems new version of MBAM before deciding to download the new version or sticking with 1.75., and to find out if there were any known issues with the Norton Comcast version, as it was an unknown to me.


There's no need to talk me into anything here, I am fully aware of the time and productivity losses with a Malware infection - I used to have to deal with them quite often until I started running MBAM Pro...



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As Malwarebytes corporation maintains professional relationships with all of the major AV vendors, it wouldn't be "proper" for staff (or forum volunteers) to endorse one product over another. 
There are many fine choices, and the "best" solution depends on many customer and computer variables.
There is pinned topic here with a short list of options, as well as some outside resources: List of well known antivirus products

If you search the forum here (and other places, too), you'll find countless, "passionate" discussions on this topic, e.g. Wilders and SF.com and bleepingcomputer.com. :)
As AdvancedSetup and Firefox both mentioned, if you do run into issues between your AV and MBAM, the staff and experts here and at the help desk will be more than happy to help to sort them out.



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  • Root Admin

I run NIS on my wife's computer. Very low on resources (not the bloatware it was years ago). On a day to day basis you'll find that antivirus x will find something that antivirus y did not then the next day the table will turn. The top selling antivirus products listed in the link provided by Firefox and Daledoc1 all do reasonably well in detection and prevention. I use and pay for NIS on my wife's computer for peace of mind. It does it's job very well and is reasonably silent about it. It works well for me with MBAM as well. She has now had the computer for I think about 3 years and it has not been infected yet while running NIS, MBAM together. Believe me she is not too careful about what she clicks on like many other home users even though I warn her often. As stated the Malwarebytes Corporation does not specifically recommend one antivirus over another, this is just my own personal preference and thoughts - not from the company.
NIS - US based as I am. Forum support appears to be US based as well. Has phone support but have never used it. Always in the top 5 vendors for detection and prevention consistently over time. Low resource usage, allows quite a bit of control over the program if you take the time to explore it. Norton 360 is a bit different and does work I just prefer the NIS myself for the wife - when she's not happy... well you know how that goes.
KIS - Not quite as user friendly from my point of view, slow updates as they don't appear to have a high-speed update from my location in the US. It works well though and updates daily just not as quick as NIS. General resource usage is low but at times it can perform operations that will noticeably slow the computer for short periods of time (don't notice this with NIS). Always in the top 5 vendors for detection and prevention consistently over time.
Day to day ease of use I go with NIS. However IF and that's a big IF you get some infections such as file infectors I've found that in hands on testing that Kaspersky is better at stopping and removing stubborn threats than other antivirus products tested.
I know that those on a fixed income or low income may not have the financial resources to spend on software yearly and thus it is a good thing there is free antivirus out there and we continue to offer our free MBAM for Consumer only use.
Now what you may want to do though is still let us review your computer (by submitting logs) to ensure that your computer is not already infected, or is not suffering software conflicts, etc that could either affect the installation or operation of MBAM or the overall safety of the computer.
Also please do not forget about backups. You see users lose data all the time that could easily have been prevented by having a good backup. More and more now days our personal memories from pictures, videos, etc are stored digitally and if a hard drive fails or an infection destroys the data there is no way to get it back. By having backups that can easily be prevented. There are good free programs for that as well.

Backup Software
I would also recommend reviewing this video. A bit long but good information there for those that stick it out and watch.
Exploits: How they work and how to crush them
So if you would like us to review your computer Please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs.
Diagnostic Logs
Thank you

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Thanks - I just ordered NIS 2014 - a good deal on a 3-license pack.  I prefer having the CD so it'll be a few days before I get it.  Once that uninstall/install operation is complete, I'll come back and post my logs before I load the new MBAM.


I'm well-covered in the back-up department including HDD cloning, imaging, and full and incremental backups stored off line...

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