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Unwanted, out of control download

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In all the years of my using the internet, I've never run across this issue and I would like to never run into it again, as it really screwed up my ((work) PC.


I was in the internet via Firefox browser and was on Google searching a Dept of Revenue regulation question. At the left of my screen up popped a window that said "downloading now" and away it went. I have no idea where or what it was downloading, but it obviously was and Xing out wouldn't stop it, nothing would stop it, even Task Manager. In desperation I did a hard shut down of computer. When I turned it back on, the download screen was no longer there, and I ran Malware Bytes and AVG and neither detected anything, but my PC was never the same after that, with oddball glitches, random shut downs of software I was working in, etc.


Instead of calling our IT guy, since it was my turn to get a new PC, I was just given a newly delivered tower and hard drive. My question is, what do any of you suppose this was, and if it happens again, what is the best way to get out of the download and search for any damages to the PC?

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Hi, Colliemomkaty: :)


In addition to what the other members have mentioned, since you just received a new, work computer, you'll want to confer with your IT department about ensuring that proper, robust security measures are in place for this new system.


That might include the Business/Enterprise versions of Malwarebytes software (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business (MBAM) or Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, and/or Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) for Business), as it's a violation of the EULA to use the consumer version of Malwarebytes products on business or work computers ;)


<just a thought>


Stay safe!



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