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Malicious Web Site Stats Gathering


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Regrets if this is already a well trodden trail. I'm a newbie!


I'm on XP Pro sp3 with net access via a 3g dongle, using Firefox v31.

I'm seldom online for long, but I do get mbam blocked message after about 20 mins online,

sometimes several in one session. Happens on Amazon/Ebay browsing, google et al.


I can make a note of the IP addresses displayed on the window and do some reverse lookups to try and establish who they are but I wonder if Malwarebytes could log all such data, with the option to upload that to you for entry into a database during the virus database updates. Maybe you could do your magic and try to find out who they are. Many will be dynamic IP's but the first two sets should point to the ISP's. At least bedroom hackers could be found from the ISP's Apache logs.


Useful also for me to see my history of blocked IP with stats – thinking that multiple hits on one IP might allow a quite easy trace.


Thing is, dodgy software used in the past and now deleted (whatever it was – probably graphics)

may have left traces on the disk that mbam doesn't see. Maybe a 1 pixel dot somewhere. The hacker can't be trawling everyone on line, so are they activated by something hiding with me or are they just hitting people visiting the major sites.


Just an idea and comments appreciated.


Worse still, tracking sites being detected (and blocked) by “Ghostery”, the Firefox add-on, should put the wind up even the most laid back user. I can get more than 8 trackers blocked on one page.

OK it's progress I suppose but this stuff is getting out of hand.




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