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malwarebytes full download question

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The installer file downloaded from either of these links will be the current version, but the database version will be the one packaged with the installer:
In order to perform a manual database update, you'll need to do the following -- having said that, this version of the database will still be several weeks out of date:
There is a new mbam-rules link: =>HERE<=
The link will download 1 zip file, where the name of the file is mbam-rules-YYYY-MM-DD.zip

Something to note:
There are 2 files now in the zip folder:
o Mbam-rules.exe
o Mbam2-rules.exe
They are specific to the version, so mbam-rules is for any MBAM 1.x installation, whereas mbam2-rules is for any MBAM 2.x installation.
In the future it will have a README included with instructions for users, but for now it is only the executables.

FYI, MBAM 2 has built-in Chameleon technology to assist with getting it installed and running on a heavily infected system: Chameleon
Having said all that, it might be advisable to get some expert help.
To do so, please start with the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

An expert will assist you with getting cleaned up.



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