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Issue with Chrome Under


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Hi.  I'd been using the release version of MBAE until this morning, when I noticed that MBAE was preventing Internet Explorer from starting.  This must've started within the last two or three days, because I'd successfully been using IE with the same version of MBAE over the last weekend.  The only thing I can think of that's changed on my system in that time is that there was a patch to Norton 360 that I installed yesterday, so I suspect that may be involved.  On checking the forums, I saw a post by someone else with an IE issue, and it was suggested to them to try the experimental build,  I decided to try this as well, uninstalled the release version, rebooted, and installed the experimental build.


The experimental build indeed solved my issue with Internet Explorer, but has now created a new issue.  Using Chrome (version 36.0.1985.125 m), Chrome will launch, but no web pages will load with MBAE active.  If I stop protection in MBAE and relaunch Chrome, it loads normally.  I tried running Chrome with all extensions disabled, but the problem still exists with MBAE protection turned on.  I've attached my log from the MBAE folder.


Thanks for your help.

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Hmm.  Well that did indeed solve the problem.  I could've sworn that the conflict with HitmanPro.Alert was resolved sometime during the beta, as I remember reading posts about it, and I've been running them together for months after there was an issue with doing so earlier on, but maybe I was mistaken.  Thank you for your help.

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