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How to Reinstall after a complete Windows reinstall - not being allowed with Premium version

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I was hacked and unable to add anymore programs to my computer.  I had previously installed Malwarebytes.  After I had reinstalled windows I was unable to reinstall malwarbytes premium as all 3 of the licenses had been used.  And I was trying to reinstall it on one of those 3 machines but is is not being allowed.   Is there anyway I can get another key??

Thanks, Windyknoll

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I understand that you're having trouble activating MBAM 2 Premium on one of your computers after reinstalling the Windows OS?


Unfortunately, licensing issues can't be resolved directly here in the forum, as we do not have access to any of that information.

Nor can we issue new license IDs/keys.

It does sound odd that you are unable to re-use the license ID/key on the same rig, after reinstalling Windows.

As long as the license is activated on no more than 3 rigs at a time, it ought to work.


Your best bet for starters would probably be to contact cleverbridge, the e-commerce partner.

They handle and can usually sort out licensing issues.

Here is their contact info: How do I obtain my license key or confirmation email?


Otherwise, you might wish to open a ticket at the consumer help desk here: Contact Consumer Support.

Please include reference to this forum post when you do, in order to expedite resolution:


Let us know how it goes.



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Well, that might possibly explain it.

The boxed product you purchased on ebay may not have been legitimate.

That is not an official reseller. :(


Just to be sure:

Are you getting an "Invalid License Information" error when you try to enter the ID and key?

If so, then this article explains the most likely causes: It says 'Invalid license information' when I try to activate the software.

(It is usually due to a typo entering the alphanumeric characters.)


If not, then since you didn't purchase from the Malwarebytes online store, cleverbridge won't be able to assist you.

So, you can scratch that idea. :(


At this point, your best bet will probably be to contact consumer support at the help desk (as mentioned in my earlier reply). You can reference this topic:


They will try to sort it out, but you'll need to provide them with all the paperwork surrounding the purchase/transaction.


Otherwise, your only other recourse might be to contact the seller on ebay.


Keep us posted,

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Thanks, the box looks real and it worked and updated and downloaded just fine on all three machines. 


I let the hacker in as tech support so it was not the product it was me that was the foolish problem.  Have always thought that I was careful but it seemed that I needed a driver and ,,,,,,,, made a poor choice,  they advertised as windows certified.  Since then I see that this is often done.


Consequently I lost all control of my machine permissions.  I was able to threaten them enough that they credited back the fee that they got out of me but my only choice was to clean out the machine and start again.  I let the machine sit for 5 months before using it and clearing it out and reloading.  They began to get pushy about fixing my other two computers, I said no I did not have the time.   Then shortly I reaiized what I had done and that I had been hacked.


I will try the helpdesk I do still have what paperwork there was that was sent with the program.   If need be, I will purchase the program again.   It is a great tool.


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Well it is the requirement for Order Number that I cannot fill in a way that is accepted.  So perhaps it is a lost cause at this point.  Any other ways to call the company that anyone knows?   


I guess I could see it as a loss of $25 which is minimal and the year will start again.

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3-PC consumer licenses for MBAM 2 Premium only first became available in late March 2014.

So, if you first purchased a 3-PC license before then -- and at least 5 months has elapsed -- then something seems dodgy about your ebay purchase <just saying>. :unsure:  We really wouldn't be able to determine that here in the forum.


In any event, if you have reformatted and reinstalled Windows, and that has resolved your permissions issues, and ONLY the licensing problem with MBAM remains, then, yes contacting either the ebay seller or the Malwarebytes help desk would probably be the most fruitful options now.

Due to the high volume of support requests, please be patient waiting for a reply from the help desk.

It may be 48 hours or more before a team member can respond.


While you sort the licensing problem, you can always use the 14-day Trial version of MBAM once you reinstall it.

It is fully functional for 14 days.



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