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Mysterious Installation: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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It appears a free Malwarebytes Anti-malware has "mysteriously" been installed on 2 desktops & 1 laptop located in my home. Being the only PC user in this household, I wonder is it possible for this s/w to have been installed as an "add-on" that I failed to notice?


Though I did consider installing Malwarebytes Anti-malware on a new smart phone, I do not believe I completed this.. Note: I am truly a novice on the smart phone!


As I use Norton 360 for PC security, I have not noticed any conflicts. Actually Malwarebytes was easy & ran clean!


Obviously security is a major concern since my ISP Account reflects users in several countries outside of USA atttempting access to my email address.


If anyone can shed some light on my plight, I would appreciate your feedback.






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Hello FLTATE and :welcome:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) will never install on its own, or as an "add-on", or as an officially sanctioned part of any other software bundle/product(s).

Though you stated you are the only household PC user, perhaps a family member or friend/acquaintance, with access, might really have the answer. Are your computers always on 24/7? Do you have any software like TeamViewer installed? Are your computers part of a remotely managed business network? Does anyone, besides you, have remote Administrative access?
If nobody admits to the installation, it might then be best to establish their legitimacy by posting these Diagnostic Logs from one, or more, of the computers. These logs will establish the date/time of the MBAM installation.

Thank you.

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