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Indian Cold scammers - Stuff and questions.


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Hello Malwarebytes community! If this doesn't belong in this thread, then staff or moderators please move this.


Well, I find this interesting that these people don't know where to get off. Last week, they called about our computer and stooped to the lowest level. They now will claim that X member of your family has criminal charges AND will threaten that the local authorities will arrive in X time. The authority part is just a ruse, much like all of their other con-artist motives, but it is chilling to not only hear them talk such rot, but to even threaten such thing. It's annoying and downright disgusting.


The only thing is... how do I prevent them from calling, almost every week? It is harassment and it's annoying. My father really wants to know this, so that is why I ask.


Have you ever encountered these people? If so, please share your experience!



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Of course you realize that the Do Not Call List is only as good as callers willingness to abide by it.  It was put there to make us dummies think that politicians would actually do something for their constituents.  Just more toothless bureaucracy.  Screen calls!

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Its your word against theirs, and without recorded evidence (illegal without other party's permission) you have nothing more.  Police won't authorize a tap unless someone is in physical danger, nor will they have time or manpower to take a report. Phone company goes by the book.

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