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VirtualBox very slow with MBAM real-time protection enabled

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Windows 8.1 Pro x64

VirtualBox 4.3.14

Linux guests running inside VB (e.g. Linux Mint 17 MATE x64)

MBAM Premium


With MBAM enabled, VirtualBox guests are painfully slow to use. There's mouse lag, keyboard lag, etc. MBAM service also seems to constantly take up 2-3% CPU.


If I quit MBAM, then VirtualBox returns to normal, the guest Linux OS running inside is responsive.


The following MBAM settings make a noticeable difference:

- Advanced Settings > Enable self protection module

- Detection and Protection > Malware Protection Enabled


I could turn "Enable self protection module" off and I will notice a difference, but still not normal behavior with real-time malware protection enabled.


I tried resetting MBAM to recommended settings, VB is still not usable.


Please investigate and release a fix for MBAM as in its current form it is not usable if I can't make use of VirtualBox.

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The issue is real, have you tried it? Somehow MBAM monitors the mouse or similar and VirtualBox is very very sluggish when MBAM is running. If I shut down MBAM, VirtualBox is back to normal, so there's clearly some incompatibility between the two. I had problems not too long ago with MBAM and OpenVPN, I reported the problem and it got fixed though it took a while. Unfortunately my experience with MBAM v2 has not been very good, compared to the 1.x version.


As for providing logs, I value my privacy and I will not provide any logs in public forums. Please contact me for alternate ways I can provide the info you need in a private way.

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