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Hello. I have ESET Smart Security and Malware Bytes installed. I've got an error stating that DDA Driver could not be loaded and also realtime protection suddenly turned off (im guessing it conflicts with ESET because it can't be a virus as I just reinstalled windows) I was asked to reboot and so I did, and upon the reboot Malware bytes ran a scan even though I didn't schedule it. The thing is, after the scan completed I still couldn't use Windows because explorer.exe wasn't even running. I tried to run it manually through task manager but failed. I noticed 2 RunOnce.exe processes at Task Manager so I guess they relate to that scan on bootup. The other thing I noticed is that "Start Anti Malware Bytes with Windows" mark in settings was unchecked. I checked it back. on So my question is, is this behaviour normal? Why did it run a scan on its own behalf and explorer.exe didn't load because of it?


PS:reboot fixed it and everything runs fine so far.


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Yes, a reboot can often resolve that particular error about loading the DDA driver.


ALSO: Is your hard drive encrypted (Truecrypt, BitLocker, SecureDoc, or other method)????


Please read the following pinned topic and post back attached to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs


They will help the staff to determine what's going on.



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In response to your PM inquiry, your logs show evidence of software piracy.

Such piracy violates the forum Piracy Policy


As such, unfortunately, we cannot provide any further assistance at this time.

The forum staff/moderator team will need to lock this thread.


If you would like further assistance, you will need to remove all illegal/cracked/pirated software from the system.

Then please send a PM to the forum Admin, AdvancedSetup, for further action.


Thank you.

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