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MBAM Premium Won't Update/Doesn't Give Protection/No ID or Registration Key in Registry Editor

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Hello, mind me right now as I am somewhat frustrated. I have spent all day so far trying to get this to work. At first I wanted to run a clean uninstall of MBAM so I could fix the first two problems (the not updating and no real time protection) but when I went to find my key and ID in windows registry, it didnt no show up in the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432 Node address. I have been with Malwarebytes for awhile now, I think since 2009. The email I used it for is pretty old and I can't remember and was used back when I had Vista. Right now I currently use windows 8. To sum up

  • Whenever I click "Fix Now" for Real time Protection, Nothing Happens
  • Whenever I try to update, I get a blue swirling loading circle for a second and then nothing happens
  • I cannot update/reinstall MBAM because there lack any files in the registry so I can't find my id and key


I wish I could give more information but when I try to find the build date I get a blank screen.

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Hello applepython and :welcome:

@applepython: The following is the canned message we typically send to license holders who have lost their license ID & Key record:

"I don't remember where I put, or I can not find, my license information for my premium account."

If you are referring to your MBAM license ID and Key, they were sent to you via email and if you purchased an electronic copy and you must contact the seller to resend the email with the ID and Key.

If you purchased a physically boxed product from a retail merchant, your license ID and Key were within the physical box and Malwarebytes can not replace those lost license ID and Keys.

If still they are lost but you purchased through the official Malwarebytes eCommerce partner cleverbridge, please proceed to:

I've lost my key/ID, how can I get it again?

To obtain your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license ID and Key, or to obtain a copy of your confirmation email, please contact our eCommerce partner, cleverbridge. The contact information is available at: https://www.cleverbridge.com/342/?scope=cuseco

Please be sure to provide as much of the following information as you can to the customer service representative in order to retrieve your order information:

  • cleverbridge Reference Number
  • Date of purchase
  • Name used for purchase
  • Address used (if applicable)
  • Email address used
  • Form of payment used

If an electronic version was purchased through an independent on-line vendor, you must pursue the email retransmission of the license ID and Key through that seller.


Once you have retrieved your MBAM license ID & Key, we can proceed to your technical issue.

Thank you. :)

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