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[SOLVED] Private Internet Access rubyw.exe


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Please update your product to allow the secure functionality of Private Internet Access. While both applicatios have the same goal, to protect the user, you are both clashing with each other here. I know there are existing feature requests realted to this topic but this is really becoming an issue. 


Malwarebytes is an outstanding product and It has saved me a lot of time and provide peace of mind for some time now. I can not run your application and have Private Internet Access using Open VPN and their assoicated randomizing scripts becasue MalwareBytes wants to block every instance that the script runs. Users can not simply apply exceptions as they will be doing this all day.


I am requesting you add additonal support for application filtering so that these applications work together.  I do not belive that the code in Private Internet access is flawed.  The scripts being run are done so as a security mesure.


I have paid for both applications and I understand that this occurs sometimes but as the numbers grow I think this is not an unreasonable request.  Of course a discliamer and warnings would have to be incldued that advise the user of the associated risk of application filtering/bypassing.


Please help guys.





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Hi Chris,


If you are referring to MBAM(malwarebytes antimalware) blocking rubyw.exe then this the MBAE(malwarebytes antiexploit) forum.(perhaps a mod can move for better visibility)


Regarding PIA and rubyw.exe, it spawns a new process every time it starts with a different hash(md5), causing many security software to have fits and runs rubyw.exe from a user area,and a temp folder, also not good(virus like behavior). Many PIA users have requested PIA fix this issue.(check there forums). This makes adding rules for white-lists(exceptions)for av's, firewalls, etc. impossible till they fix this issue.




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