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how to restore quarantined system32 files ?

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Dear admins.


Two of my computers were affected by the update  v2014.07.26. Unfortunately, my home computer was rebooted before I got to do something with quarantined files. So I did boot up in safe mode, and done system restore and it worked.


Now, my office computer which was not rebooted since the update. But unfortunately bunch of system32 files were quarantined. I do not want risk my computer to be booted in safe mode with system restore.


Do you have any good way to restore the quarantined files? so that I could save some time and do my work.



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  • Root Admin

Do you have access to another system running the same version of Windows and a large 4GB or larger USB thumb drive or external USB drive that you can use to try a repair?

DO NOT use this method or idea if the versions of Windows are not the same. ie.. do not use XP or Vista to fix a Windows 7 box or vice-verse

You should be able to use Robocopy to put back enough of the files to allow the system to boot again.

Assuming you have a USB drive on F: please create a folder called Windows in the root/top of the drive.
Then click on start and type in CMD.EXE and when it shows in the start menu right click over it and choose "Run as administrator" and type in the following and press the Enter key.

ROBOCOPY "C:\WINDOWS" "F:\Windows" /s /xo /xj *.exe *.dll *.sys /r:0 /w:0

Then start the affected computer up with the USB drive attached and issue the following command
This assumes that the USB drive is now D: from within the Recovery Console if not then adjust to the correct drive letter. You can run NOTEPAD and then try File Open to locate the drive, then close Notepad.

ROBOCOPY "D:\WINDOWS" "C:\Windows" /s /xo /xj *.exe *.dll *.sys /r:0 /w:0

Once completed try to restart the computer now in Normal Mode


You should be able to get into the Recovery Environment


How to Boot to the Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7


How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7

Please let me know how that works out.


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I failed to get an access to a computer that runs on same version of Windows as my office computer.


So, instead I did system restore before the rebooting (after update still without rebooting:  system works ok....)  and  which works fine.


Thank you for your kind tip but people who did not reboot the their computer yet, my method will work more smoothly.

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