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Alas, in the current program GUI, there is no indication of the type of consumer license (lifetime or subscription), or of the expiration date (for the subscription licenses).

The developers have promised to provide a "fix" for that in an upcoming version.


If you purchased your first consumer license in January 2014, then it is still a 1-PC, lifetime, consumer license with no expiration.

(That was the ONLY type of consumer license available then.)


For the license you purchased today, however, that is more likely to be a 3-PC, SUBSCRIPTION, renewable license, as that is the standard type of consumer license now. (NOTE: there have been some official, "promotional" deals from Malwarebytes for 1-PC lifetime licenses since they changed to subscription licensing, but I am not aware of any *current* promotion.)

Did you purchase it online and from a reputable source?


More info here: What does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 mean for me?




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Hello thatsjustgreat:

Regardless of when you purchased the Lifetime license, yes - you are grandfathered.

Please guarantee that you keep good records of your purchase and you won't have trouble exercising your privileges.

Thank you.

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Yes, I expect so.


However, due to the high volume of support requests, it might be a few days before they have a chance to respond.


It may be more efficient to contact the e-commerce partner, cleverbridge, directly, as they handle these sorts of requests on a daily basis.

Cleverbridge would have sent you an email containing all the license information (ID, key and license terms (lifetime or subscription)) at the time of the purchase. 

You can just look up that information in that email.

If you do not have that email and did not save a paper copy of it, you can contact them to have them look it up.

Their contact information and instructions are here: How do I obtain my license key or confirmation email?


Alternatively, you may retrieve your license key from this webpage:


Please note you will only be able to retrieve your ID and Key if you purchased Malwarebytes Anti-Malware directly from the Malwarebytes website or through an authorized reseller / affiliate. If you purchased a physical copy or from anywhere else, Malwarebytes and cleverbridge will not have any record of your sale and cannot retrieve your ID and Key if lost.


Also, as previously mentioned, if you purchased a legal, valid license ID/key for the MBAM consumer product sometime before March 24, 2014, then that would be a lifetime, 1-PC license with no expiration -- that was the only type of consumer license available at that time.

The only question pertains to the status of the license you purchased a few days ago -- it could be EITHER a 3-PC, subscription license, OR a 1-PC, lifetime license, depending on where and how it was purchased.  We would need to know more about that in order to determine which type it is.


If none of this works, please post back and let us know, as there are a few other strategies to apply to obtain the information.




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