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Recent version of MB blocks 90% of websites

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I'm not sure if I'm not the only one with this issue but within the last 2-3 weeks ever since a recent malwarbytes update browsing the web is near impossible. Websites such as youtube or craigslist will not load until I disable live web protection. Anyone else having this issue?

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Hello and :welcome:

Let's try this first....

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Originally I thought this happened 3 weeks ago but it seemed to me more like 5-6 weeks ago. I tried uninstalling by completely reformatting the hard drive but with no luck. However, before the reformat I installed version 1.75, and had no issues with it, but still did a complete reformat in hopes that it would fix the problem. As soon as I re installed the latest version I was in the same position. Here are the logs requested. Thanks for the help.






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Before we get started too deep, there is a known issue with Malwarebytes and Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network cards.  Have a read through => THIS TOPIC <= and see if performing the steps in that topic fix your issue.


This did it! thank you so much for the help. It seemed such a random occurrence when it happened with the recent update so I immediately assumed something with MWB and didn't even think of that network adapter interfering since I did a fresh reinstall and it's one of the first drivers I install. Much appreciated!

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