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I keep getting pop-ups telling me that a malicious site has been blocked.  I'm very pleased about this, but I don't need to know every single one!  Also, it is a pain because the pop-up, which cannot be moved, often blocks the "Save" and other buttons when I am working on documents, and I repeatedly have to press the "Close" button.  But a new notification comes up almost immediately, and it is getting VERY wearing to keep doing this.  I can see no way of turning off these notifications, and am thinking of ditching the program if I can't do something about them.  PLEASE: how can I turn them off??

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Currently, notifications in version 2 are "all or none" (enabled or disabled).

If you disable them in order to stop the IP block popups, then *all* notifications from the program will be disabled.
The product development team will be introducing better notifications and more granular user control of them in a future release.
Please note, however, that the IP blocks generally indicate that MBAM is doing its job of blocking malicious sites or potentially malicious content on others.  If you use Skype, torrents or other P2P software, such blocks are to be expected, because of how these programs work.

One workaround for Skype is to turn it off when it's not in use. That will block inbound calls, but it will eliminate the IP blocks when you are not on a call.
Having said that, if you are seeing a LOT of these blocks, especially outgoing ones and ones that happen when you have no browsers open, they could be a sign of infection.
If so, you might wish to obtain expert help checking your system for possible malware.
To do that I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will guide you through checking your computer and through the cleanup process.


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I assume you have disabled notifications?


Just for the record and for anyone who might casually view this topic, you will now no longer receive any of the other important program notifications.

I would suggest that you'll want to increase your interaction with the program, checking your History > Application Logs and History > Quarantine from time to time, as well as mousing over the system tray icon and/or opening the main dashboard to see if everything is "OK".


Otherwise, you'll not be aware if your databases are out of date, if there have been malware or non-malware detections that need to be addressed, or if a protection module has been disabled, etc.


I think most us look forward to improved user control of notifications promised with a future release.




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