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Malwarebytes not working.

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My Malwarebytes also has stopped working.  I have uninstalled and tried to re-install several times I am also getting error messages during the install.  I have tried to use chameleon to run it and install it but that also does not complete.  I have tried doing the logs, the FRST Check works fine, but the MBAM-CHECK will open a dos window then close with no log produced,  I am attaching what ever log files I can find and I am attaching the screen shots of the error messages I am getting during installation.


At one point I thought it was McAfee that was the problem so I uninstalled it to see if I could get Malwarebytes to load but that is not the culprit. 


Any help would be appreciated.




Malware Errors.pdf

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Until 1PW returns...

I seemed to have lost my License information for my Premium

Where did you purchase your original license?
If it was purchased from the Malwarebytes online store, you can contact the e-commerce partner, cleverbridge.
They will look it up and send it to you.
Their contact information is here:
How do I obtain my license key or confirmation email?
If you purchased online somewhere else, you can contact that vendor.
If you purchased the software on a boxed CD, the information will be somewhere in the box.
Until that it is sorted, you can use the "Trial" version for 14 days.
Let us know if you need additional help,

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