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Malware.Trace RegKey Windows 8.1

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Hey guys!  I want to start by saying I'm more than proficient with a computer and what not to do, I just need a removal tool suggestion.  My girlfriend seems to have picked up Malware.Trace RegKey according to MB.  While I was out of town, she decided to try her hand at torrents, which clearly didn't go well.  I have since removed the torrent program, cleared all temp data and run RogueKiller.  MB will catch the Malware.Trace, but every time the computer is restarted, it appears again.


It seems for this issue, the solution for Windows 7 and earlier is ComboFix (A program I'm more than familiar with).  The problem here is ComboFix doesn't work with Windows 8.1, which is installed on the machine.  My question is this-- Is there any utility you can recommend to me that'll take care of this issue?


I realize you probably have your own protocols to adhere to regarding malware removal suggestions, but in the interest of saving time, I  just need a suggestion without having to post a bunch of logs.  Thank you in advance.

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