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MBAM crashes when updating database, or running w/o update.

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MBAM has worked flawlessly for years. 


After the recent update, it crashes when updating database, or when running scan and told to skip update.


Steps I have taken to resolve this problem:

) Uninstall MBAM

) run mbam-clean-

) Reboot

) Turn off MS Security Essentials realtime protection.

) Re-download MBAM

) Re-install MBAM

) Crashes as usual.

) Run RKILL - nothing found.

) Reboot in safe mode (with networking)

) In safe mode: run MBAM, crashes as usual.

) In safe mode: run mbam-clean-

) Reboot in safe mode (with networking)

) Re-install MBAM (as Administrator)

) Installs, auto-run on exit. Auto-checks for updates and crashes as usual

) Reboot in normal mode.

) Run MBAM on a lark... still crashes as usual.

) Downloaded Farbar Recovery Scan Tool.

) Run as instructed. Produced FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs.

) Downloaded mbam-check tool.

) Run as instructed. Produced CheckResults.txt log.


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Thanks for the detailed account of your extensive troubleshooting. :)


Until one of the staff members arrives to formally review your logs....

Your CheckResults.txt log suggests that the steps in this pinned topic MIGHT resolve your issue: What to do: Runtime error - database stuck on 2014.03.04 - program stopped


It might be worth a try and cannot hurt.


Having said that, your logs show some other matters that probably need detailed attention in another section of the forum.

But let's see if we can't at least get your MBAM up and running first.


Please post back and let us know how it goes.



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Heh, thanks. Can you tell I do SQA for a living? 


This appears to have fixed the issue. MBAM scanned normally. When told to update the database, it did so normally.


What seems odd about this to me is that it was crashing even when I told it NOT to update the database. So apparently it was still hitting the network, regardless. 


Thanks very much for your help!

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Heh, thanks. Can you tell I do SQA for a living? 



"SQA" = "OCD" (I know it well! :lol: )


Anyway, I'm glad you are all set now.

This was a bit a of a pesky thing for several users (hence the pinned topic "fix").


If you ever need anything else, please feel free to post back.



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