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I just finished doing a manual update and when it finished, it said at the top "You are not fully protected" (red) - FIX NOW. I clicked on the FIX NOW and then it turned green and said "you are now fully protected."

But I notice I can now get into Advanced (and other non-free areas) when I couldn't before (I have free version 2).

By my clicking on FIX NOW, did I sign-up for the paid version, or trial version, etc. (without my knowledge)?

Just what is going on?

I never had a problem with the previous version but I (and my neighbors) really dislike this new version of MB and am thinking of just uninstalling it

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Hi, @alicez,


As was explained in your other, recent topics, the Free version does NOT offer real-time protection.

It is just a manual, on-demand scanner.


So, the message you report suggests that you probably are indeed running the free, 14-day trial of MBAM 2 PREMIUM that is enabled by default during installation or upgrade (unless the user opts out by deselecting the option).


There is an easy way to tell: :)

  • Please open the program dashboard from your desktop shortcut.
  • Look at ribbon at the very top of the display.

2 Questions:

Does the ribbon say "Free", or "Trial", or "Premium"? (My screen shot from my Premium installation is just to illustrate one of the three possibilities.)

The next question is: do you want to revert to or stay with "Free" version, or do you want the paid, premium version that provides real-time protection?


We can help you, either way.

But having this information will assist us with tailoring the advice and support to your needs.




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This new MB 2 is just too complicated for me (and my neighbors). I  uninstalled it and reinstalled the previous version 1.75 which was so much easier to use. I just don't like this new 2 version. When support for 1.75 is no longer offered for 1.75, I will have to look for another replacement program or install the MB 2 again. I just don't know why it said (in red) you are not protected. and then FIX NOW. And then we saw that all the advanced features were then not grayed out any longer. Just very, very confusing for all of us senior citizens.

I thought when I downloaded the MB 2 Free Version, I was not downloaded the 14 day free trial one which would give me the above message, etc. As I said, very complicated for us. (If I did have to download the MB 2 Free version again, which one would I (we) choose so that we would not be downloading the 14 day trial one. We just wanted the FREE one, with no 'strings' attached, like I had with the 1.75 version..


P.S. I just remembered that the new MB version 2 was automatically downloaded when I did a regular update with the 1.75 and probably the 14 day trial version is what was installed. Which is not what I wanted. I don't know if that could be the reason I got that "You are not protected" pop-up, etc.  

Is that what happened? Did MB download the 14 day free trial version of MB2?



I don't know if anyone else had this same experience with the FIX NOW.

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....Or just allow the trial to expire.

...Or clean reinstall and opt out of Trial (if offered).

(EDIT: Or purchase a license in order to maintain the many benefits of realtime protection (etc) offered by Premium.)


However, as the OP has already rolled back to 1.75, I guess it's moot. :(


That's a shame, as I'm sure we could have sorted out the problems @alicez was having with version 2.


If you ever want to try again with version 2, please feel free to post back, and we will all be more than happy to help you.


Take care,

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I have not removed the MB 2 from my other computer (#2). This is what it shows. I believe this is also what I saw on my other machine when I first installed the MB2. Free mentioned at top and Real Time and License with Red X, etc.

Will the one I have on my #2 computer stay FREE, or will I get that pop-up message saying you are not protected, etc.

I do not see "End Trial" on this one #2. I am really confused. I don't know whether to leave this MB2 on my #2 computer, or uninstall it also and reinstall 1.75. I just don't want to see that You are not protected again and if I click on it, it will switch me to the trial as it did with my #1 computer.



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I apologize, as I misunderstood, based on what you said here:

I  uninstalled it and reinstalled the previous version 1.75 which was so much easier to use.

I was also confused by the fact that you have 2 computers.


Yes, as we explained, when you upgraded (probably automatically***) to version 2, it would have enabled by default (IOW automatically) a 14-day trial of MBAM Premium, if you did not opt-out of that.

As the others explained, there are several ways to get "back" to the Free version.

It looks as if you have done that, as your screenshot that you posted indeed shows that THIS computer is running the Free version of MBAM

That is the current version.

That screen shot of the dashboard is normal for the Free version.

The reason you see what you see (as explained in this thread and the other 2 before it) is that the Free version does NOT provide "protection".

So, those particular features are red.

If you want to enable them, you'll need to purchase a license and then activate the software in order to unlock all of the premium features.


(***Yes, if you do NOT configure version 1.75 to turn off automatic program updates, it will automatically update to version 2. That is probably what happened.)


I hope this helps?


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For the time being I will leave the MB 2 on this #2 computer and see how it acts in the future.

Very good. :)

Here are some links to some of the resources to help with version 2:

There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF

And there are many useful KB topics and videos at the helpdesk support page



BTW: Does this MB 2 (#2) have a way to turn off Automatic Updates of version as could be done in the 1.7.5?

No, not yet.

It is on the list of items to be added back in a future release (I know, because I have been the #1 "squeaky wheel" asking for it.  But I do not know when...).


Take care,

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